Latest Technology

For years, the window tinting industry operated in much the same way. There were known problems with this window film product: poor shrinkability, discoloration, cracking, peeling, bubbling, and delaminating. There were improvements to be made, for sure.

To address these failings, we brought together the industry’s best and most experienced engineers for a singular purpose: to develop the most advanced window film the world has ever seen.

Specifically, we wanted to develop a product that featured an unusually stable dye, a substrate that made for easy application in all kinds of weather, and a window film that wouldn’t peel, bubble, or crack.

We believe we have done just that.

Our manufacturing facility in North Carolina houses the newest and most advanced machine in the United States, and is now producing visibly superior window films.

Long History

Maxpro was founded by industry veterans who had seen the strengths and weaknesses of the window film market up close. With their knowledge of the technology and the logistics of the business, they decided to bring to the market a new source of window tinting product, and so Maxpro Window Films was founded.

While the exact number of combined years of experience our team has is still in debate (estimates range in the hundreds), what’s really impressive is our visibly superior window film. You really do have to see this stuff to believe it.